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Light Up with X-10!

Simplify Life @home by automating as many lights and appliances as possible!

Never walk over to a lamp again to switch on the light--take control of your lamps and appliances with X10 components. Its easy, fast and convenient. Want to turn on your coffee pot in the morning before you even get downstairs? How about turning all the lights in the room off without going to each one individually to do so?

Get started today with your X10 Wireless Remote System!

No messy wires or anything. X10 uses the exisiting electricity in your home.

Using a PalmPad remote, you can control up to 16 lights and appliances. And, the capability goes beyond just turning things on and off. You can also use the special dimming/brighten feature to dim lights.

How X10 works:

  • Simply plug your lamp into an X10 lamp module. Next plug the lamp module into any electrical outlet in your home. Set the unit code on the module to the same code as the Palm Pad Remote. Next set the house code to the current house code.
  • Now, press the button on the remote and voila!-- the lamp (which is plugged into the Lamp Module) turns on.
    Appliances work in the same way, except you use Appliance Modules.

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