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Roomba Scheduler

Roomba Scheduler is the latest robotic floorvac from iRobot. You can program it to clean around your schedule.

Nothing keeps your house cleaner than cleaning everyday. Scheduler programs Roomba to clean at anytime making it more autonomous than ever. At night or when you are not at home, Roomba will clean around your schedule. The Roomba Scheduler comes with all the top features like Active Dirt Response, self-charging Home Base, and extra-large debris bin all with the added benefit of scheduled cleaning.

Roomba Scheduler comes with:

  • Scheduling Remote
  • 2 Virtual Wall Schedulers
  • Self-Charging Home Base
  • Fast Charger
  • APS Battery
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Extra Brushes and Filters

Preset up to 7 different cleaning schedules for your Roomba. And...Roomba automatically returns to the self charging Home Base when it has completed a cleaning cycle or when the battery is low.

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