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INSTEON Wireless Lighting Starter Kit

INSTEON is a powerful, wireless home-control networking technology optimized to enable the affordable, simple and reliable integration of home systems to enhance the comfort, safety, convenience and value of homes.

Never walk over to a lamp again to switch on the light--take control of your lamps and appliances with INSTEON components. Its easy, fast and convenient. Want to turn on your coffee pot in the morning before you even get downstairs? How about turning all the lights in the room off without going to each one individually to do so?

Buy the new INSTEON Wireless Lighting Starter Kit.

No messy wires or anything and INSTEON is X10 compatible.

How INSTEON works:

INSTEON devices are set up using what we call "Plug-n-Tap™." Linking two devices is as simple as pressing and holding the ON button on the first device (controller) for 10 seconds, then doing the same on the second device. Each device has its own unique serial number, so addressing by the user is completely unnecessary.

No PC or intelligent controller is required. This makes getting started affordable and simple. Of course, an intelligent controller can always be added for automation later — and it will be able to "upload" any setup accomplished to date.