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INSTEON Holiday Lighting Starter Kit

Control Your Holiday Lighting This Year with an INSTEON Wireless Remote icon

Benefits of the INSTEON holiday wireless remote:

  • Excellent range; RemoteLinc can be used over 150' from the Access Point
  • Easy Plug-In Installation; nothing to hard-wire
  • ApplianceLinc supports any type of light or appliance
  • Expandable to support more INSTEON-compatible devices (Additional Access Point required)
  • You save over $45 by purchasing these products as a kit

Every year, all my Christmas tree light switches were hidden behind the tree -- as they should be! But crawling back there to turn those lights on and off was such a hassle. Needless to say, the INSTEON wireless remote is changing all that for me this year!

Buy the convenient INSTEON Holiday Lighting Starter Kit icon

No messy wires or anything and INSTEON is X10 compatible.

Setting up INSTEON:

You can set up the INSTEON Holiday Lighting Starter Kit in less than five minutes. This INSTEON remote kit controls any connected device remotely using a simple "Plug and Tap" setup process.

To control "linked" devices, just tap one of the RemoteLinc's buttons on or off, or you can hold a button to brighten or dim. Each of the six ON/OFF buttons on the RemoteLinc can be set up to control every light or just one light in your home remotely to create dramatic lighting scenes.

As a bonus, the included ApplianceLinc can control any load type, so you can remotely control anything from the spooky smoke machine in your entryway to a mechanical Santa waving to your neighbors from your rooftop.

Best of all, the INSTEON wireless remote kit can be used all year long. So, when you put your holiday gear away, you can use to conveniently turn lighs on and off throughout your home!