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iRobot Romba 570 Vacuum

Control Roomba 570 vacuum cleaning robot remotely with the Wireless Command Center

Save $75 when you buy 2 iRobot Roomba 570 Vacuum Cleaning Robots + Free Shipping

Roomba 570 vacuumThe iRobot Romba 570 vacuum cleaning robot is the latest in a series of Roomba robotic devices that help you around the house with your chores. Roomba 570 is the sleekest design yet with it's cool looking black finish and flatter design.

That's not all. All cleaning features are improved over the Roomba predessors and you can control your Roomba 570 with the Wirelss Command Center.

It's so effiicient that it automatically returns itself to the self-chargning Home Base when YOUR chores are done! What will you do with all your new-found free time?

Roomba is just about the best gift to give someone you love for the holidays!

Why do I love Roomba? So many reasons, but my favorite is the fact that Roomba gets the job done better than I do sneaking under the bed to get the dust bunnies and finding all those nasty tidbits hiding along the baseboards. With a cat in the house, Roomba is my new best friend.

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