NANO O2 Advanced Air Purifier

"Test drive" The Nano O2 Air Purifier for 30 days in your home at the cost of just one dollar, with no further obligation to purchase. All "Test drivers" will also receive a gift of three air quality test kits as well as free shipping to their destination with each order.

Nano O2 - Lifetime Guarantee The Nano O2 is one of the most advanced air purifiers' available today. Nano O2 air purifier uses patented leading edge Photocatalytic Oxidation and nanotechnology to clean the air inside of living spaces. According to research studies, The Nano O2 reduces VOC's (volatile organic compounds), Molds, Yeasts and Bacteria by up to 98% by sterilizing the contaminants in the air. A main feature of The Nano O2 is it does it all, with zero maintenance for three years.

Nano O2 air purifierThe Nano O2 has been designed to work effectively for a variety of different applications within any living space, here are a few examples; Allergy sufferers can expect comfort from an improved living environment due to the reduction of airborne contaminants, allergens, bacteria and molds. Asthma sufferers have reported less asthma attacks after using The Nano O2. Smokers will detect a noticeable decrease in the smell of tobacco residue throughout their house, in clothes, furniture and other objects that come in contact with smoke.

10 to 15% of people suffer from an allergic reaction to pets. Nano O2 customers who have multiple pets have had a significant decline in allergic reactions as well as virtually undetectable pet odors in their homes after using The Nano O2. Independent Clinical Research has also shown that the Nano O2 also reduces Molds, Yeasts, Bacteria and Viral growth on household surfaces.

NANO O2 Purifiers do not need cleaning, filter changes or maintenance for three years. For more coverage, consider purchasing additional units.

Each Unit Includes The Following:

  • Free Air Quality Test Kit (3-tests)
  • Lifetime Housing Guarantee
  • 3-Year Nano-Cell Replacement Guarantee
  • Nano Guard/Safe Cleaning
  • Made in USA Certified
  • Area covered: 2000 and 3000 Sq.ft.