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Slingbox SOLO

With Slingbox, you can watch your TV virtually anywhere!

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Slingbox is a clever device that allows you to watch your home TV— including HD content — and all its programming through the Internet! With Slingbox you can watch your TV on your cell phone, on your laptop, at work (don't tell the boss), or on the road. So now you can watch your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player wherever you see fit. Really, just about anywhere you want. All your favorite shows, news, and sports. If its on your TV, you can watch it anywhere. And it has great video quality - that is Slingbox, the high-tech secret you've been waiting for.

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How does Slingbox work?

Simple. Slingbox is a small box that connects your cable or satellite set-top box, and then to your home router. Slingbox then takes the incoming TV signal from the set-top box and encodes it on the fly into a Windows Media video stream.

You install some special software on your computer (desktop or laptop) and then you can access that TV stream. You can be in the next room, or another country. It really doesn't matter with Slingbox.

What do you need? A Slingbox (of course), router, and fast connection at home to upload the video stream. You'll also need a good Internet connection (300Kbps) to access this stream when you are outside of your home network.

The faster the connection, the better the video picture quality. Slingbox uses a new breakthrough technology called SlingStream, which dynamically adjusts the video quality for a brilliant viewing experience. Many factors are taken into consideration, like your network bandwidth, SlingPlayer device, video content, and video input type.

SlingStream then goes to work automatically adjusting video bit rates, compression levels, frame rates, and other settings to provide you with a quality video viewing experience.

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BEST PRICE: $166.58 - Sling Media Slingbox SOLO (SB260-100)
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