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Secret Motion-Activated Video Camera Hidden in Clock

Ever wonder what really happens at home while you were away all day? Wonder no more! This motion-activated camcorder, cleverly hidden in a normal-looking clock, can clear up that mystery!

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Motion Activate Video Camera hidden in clockIt's a real, working LCD clock with a difference! Hidden inside is a digital video camera. The motion-activated camcorder turns on and records full-motion video whenever someone moves into its wide field-of-view. It shuts off automatically when activity stops.

When you return home, just play the AVI digital video files through your computer or laptop using the included USB cable. This discreet device is a simple, self-contained system that is ready to go right out of the box. Just place it on any surface and adjust the camera lens angle by using a reflective positioning dome that makes it easy to see the area covered by the wide-angle 75 view. Press a button to activate the motion-sensitive camcorder, and then you have a few minutes to exit before its ready to record.