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Beamer Video Phone

Far flung friends and family are just a beamer away. Simple as dial, see, speak. It's the next best thing to being there!

Turn your home phone into a video station at no extra cost! What a great idea for far flung family and friends. Just connect one of the two included Beamer Phone Video stations to your home phone and give the second to someone you love. The next time you talk to your loved one via phone, you'll be able to see them at the same time and they can see you. Your grandchildren can instantly show you their latest artwork, you can see your best friend's latest hairdo, you can experience instant joy viewing your far-away family opening the Christmas gifts you sent and much, much more!

How does Beamer Video Phone work? It's easy! Plug your phone into Beamer, then plug Beamer into your wall phone jack. That's all there is to it. The Beamer system transmits color video and quality audio over any standard (analog) home phone line with no additional cost for the call.

And the video quality is ... ? Your phone line connection will have some impact on the video quality of Beamer video phone, in the same way the phone line connection also impacts the quality of your audio connection when you call someone on the phone.

Check out the new Vialta BM-TV Dual Beamer Phone Video Station. Adds video to your phone calls with your current TV and telephone.

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